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From: Kevinmjoaol.com
Subject: FATHER SON HISTORY CLUB 2All rights reserved by author. This story is all made up or is it? has
enough hot male on male sex of all kinds to pull a gusher in each
chapter. I'll try to cover and include all known fetishes for you delight
and pleasures.
Please do support Nifty.com and keep this great site up and cuming.
Author lives in and around Philly, Pa.
Now sit back unzip and enjoy." Its called the Spartans' Its a group of Fathers and sons kind of a
history lolita cp child bbs
club who go out camping in the woods all dressed as Spartans.
They eat, live and carry on like the Spartans would in the days of old.
would you like that Doug DJ? ( Doug J said as DJ ) I was hearing the words but my mind was now running on so many
tracks, first wondering if Doug had at last over done the booze? Then if
he really knew all that much about the Spartans History? Did he know
that they were promoters of homosexuality?
What other reason would there be for this group of Fathers and Sons to be
reenacting Spartans and not say just Romans? Oh the remote possibility
of my Handsome Blonde Irishmen Doug going for that sort of game playing
had my self getting hard right there in the hall way. I was jarred from
these happy thoughts by Doug saying as he put his hand on my shoulder." Look DJ I am laying a whole lot of crap on you and not giving you
enough time to think about it. Its just that, Well talking to the guys
this evening about the times they have camping out with their Sons and
looking at some of the pictures they bought along kind of got me all
stirred up for this thing. You know what a History buff I am DJ "There was so much to get cleared lolita girls photo art
up first, and I had to really be sure
before going ahead and mistaking an innocent history buff club for a
weekend of orgy's between Fathers and Sons. I was afraid to just blurt it
out directly and be laughed at by Doug so I was going to feel him out
some and then decide.I said " Hey Doug tomorrow is Sunday we can sleep in late lets go have a
beer in the recreation room bar and talk it up some."Doug's face lit up like it was Christmas morning.
" Yea that's the idea. I have a real hot surprise for you behind the bar
in a box. Come on DJ, Wow this is going to be so hot, You and me"As we walked down the steps and through the still and quite house my
thoughts were most definitely pornographic.
Walking behind Doug and taking in his hot muscular body as he walked and
his tight bubble ass moved with every step and his strong shoulders all
had me hard as a rock. I'd have to hide my hard cock.
Beers were served by me from one side of the bar while Doug sat on the
other. I was thus able to hide my hard cock from him. There was a
strange role reversal going on here. It was odd to say the least. I a 19
year old was to be making the final decision, while Doug the 29 year old
Daddy was the excited and pleading teen here." Doug" I began sounding like the wise Father about to throw cold water
on a boys day dreams.
" Are you really aware from your history study's just exactly what the
Spartans are most known for?Doug gave a slight turned up handsome smile, kind of like the cat who
eat the bird and by God Doug the Man's Man was actually blushing.I felt so strange and not knowing why except maybe this role reversal
thing? taboo lolita art photos but I reached across the bar and brushed back the shock of blonde
hair from Doug's forehead.
he took hold of my young model galleries lolita
hand and kept it held against his forehead and was
looking deeply into my eyes as he was pressing my hand tightly on his
forehead.He began slowly all while keep his eyes on mine and my hand held to his
head." I know all about what they are most famous for.
the fighting to the death, the pledge to die rather then face defeat or
capture, I know also that they believed strongly in male bonding, They
say that from the age of 7 years they were taken from their Mothers and
trained in combat and served the Army for 25 years and they only did they
go with women to bred and to have future sons to fight in their place,
The whole 25 years they slept with their comrades in Arms to become
lovers and protectors of each other on the field of honor."
This response and its implications absolutely blew my mind away.
Doug my handsome Dad was actually suggesting we have incest. Why would
he think I was open to it through? Then it dawned on me, The films he'd
been taking of me and my friends in my room having sex. He saw me at my
lustful best or worse as the case may be. He knew my love of cock
sucking and my pleadings to be fucked by the big fat teen cocks weekly.
But Doug, What about Doug I was thinking, was he gay, Could this man's
man actually be gay or even bi ? My question was answered as fast as it
was thought." Would you be open to me sleeping in with you tonight DJ? I'd like to
be that kind of close to you.
but look kid if its all too much too soon or you'd rather not just say no
or another time. I'll understand."The next few minutes were like a TiVo on fast forward in my memory.
there we two were now in my bed room still fully dressed and not either
of us knowing how to make the next move, the move that would forever
change our lives and our relationships.
Doug stood there in the middle of my room looking around as if strangely
it was his first time in the room.
I knew he was getting cold feet and having second thoughts. I had to act
quickly or loose the moment.
Doug looked at me with a pained sad look on his handsome face and
brushing back his shock of blonde hair he slowly pronounced the words." Ah Look kid maybe, ah maybe this isn't so good an idea? Ah Maybe I
should wait a while or we should really think before we do anything to
change our good relationship?I had to take things literally into my own hands here or loose it
forever!I lolitas cute nude 9years slowly dropped my eyes from Doug's and so he knew half pointed to his
throbbing crotch.
"We're Spartans and Spartan's never show fear. little lolita xxx pics Spartan's never would
leave a fellow Spartan in need when that young black lolita angels
Spartan could help."
I said shaking inside with fear my bravado wouldn't work. Looking at
Doug's cock ready to burst out of those jeans I'd rape him if I had to.
There was a long silent still moment when either of us moved an inch
or batted an eye lid. For Doug I knew it was the moment of decision and
one he had to make to come cross that line with me. I was about to plead
once more when he smiled and I knew that smile so well. The smile that
said he was in on a deal and in all the way.
Doug looked down at his own bulging cock in his jeans and then up to
me and said.
" You want to be the first to feel the other guys junk DJ ?
Greased lightening would be slow moving to describe how fast I was on my
knees and touching and feeling that long thick cock through his jeans and
feeling its massive cock head.
No I couldn't even wait a second to get that hot precious hunk of thick
manhood out of its jeans, My mouth loli top sites cp
was all over the wide cock head
sucking and wetting up the jeans as I was mouthing that big ass cock
While I was at last worshiping his cock head Doug was moaning and pushing
it into my welcoming mouth and at the same time ls lolita bbs top kicking off his sneakers.
The aroma of his sweaty socked feet was filling the room and driving me
to suck his big cock head all the more. I reached down while sucking and
pushed my one hand into his white sweat sock and was touching and feeling
his masculine bare sexy foot and now as Doug undid his belt I was undoing
his fly.
The prize cock of a life time was soon to be mine.
My hunk of a Spartan was going to really play it hot with me. He slowly
was letting his jeans down over his hips while keeping his white briefs
on and over his cock to tantalize me all the more. He moved his cock in
his briefs so they tented them out and his cock head was leaking his cum
through the fabric. I was trying to pull the briefs down but Doug said.
" No Spartan, suck me through my briefs first."
I was oh so happy to oblige him this whim and now there I was sucking his
big ass cock and drinking in his dripping cum through his white briers
and loving the taste of Doug's cum drippings and feeling his balls." OH God DJ, Oh fuck DJ, yea, Yea man, Oh fuck, Yeas suck that big cock
boy, Suck it good. You like Your daddy's cock meat boy."It was at that moment I did what I had to do. I forced his briefs down
and grabbed hold of his bare ass cock meat.Holding the monster that was alive with rage I exclaimed. " On my fucking
God Doug, This is the biggest and thickest cock I've ever seen."Doug reached down and was patting my hair and saying is a soothing sexy
" You think your Spartan enough to take a big 10 inch cock?I could only moan my yessssssss as Doug was now rubbing his bare
dripping cum cock head all around my face and then lightly touching
against my lips and then again all over my face. The fifty pass of his
cock by my lips I trapped it and took it into my mouth and my hot teen
tongue was then swirling all around that dripping cum flared cock head.
[002_daddy%209F684.jpg]Doug must have known from the films he took what I was and wasn't able to
do with a hot cock and he was now pushing all delicious 10 thick inches
of his cock down my throat. Doug's big hair cum filled balls slapping
against my chin with every hard deep thrust into and down my throat.
I knew from loli top sites cp experience when my man was close and Doug was really close.
it was then I decided to touch my own cock and when I did I convulsed
strongly as my cock was in my hand and spewing forth a flood of my teen
cum all over Doug's socks and hairy legs.
Doug leaned back his head and made a strong hard push into my throat
and then he was releasing his massive cum load down my throat and filling
my mouth with its thick creamy hot cum.
His hand on his own cock now and he was directing his last cum salvo
into my mouth. I pulled off of him and he came down to me and was
licking his own cum from my face and we hugged and kissed.
[bulge7.jpg]" Well we crossed the line kid. How does it feel on the other side? Doug
was joking as he lifted me up to my feet.Let me know how you like the story so far and please read my others under
Author's on Nifty.org.
if you'd like a photo of the Author Kevin Kelly please write and state
your age for legal reasons.
if ever in Philly, Pa. look me up to meet in town
Kevin Kelly
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